Hotel Reservation Center

Our mission is to capture and manage the reservations of the hotels; individuals and by groups, travel agencies and Tour Operators, which can be received through different channels of communication that we have available. We make sure that all the clients’ reservation process gets coordinated easily and quickly.

International Call Center

The customer support service is the spokesman of the company and is in charge of the communication between the business and their clients through inbound or outbound calls. Based on work methodologies and defined processess. Our staff is responsible of meeting the needs and providing quality service to each client, with the objective of maintaining loyalty with the organization and allow it’s viability. This service is extremely important since it represent part of the image and marketing approaches of our company, reflecting the company’s direct impression with their clients.

Billing and Collection Services

This department aims to establish and enforce the settled guidelines under contract and follow the necessary steps for the issue of individual invoices like: pro formas and definite invoices required by each agency or tour operator. Also, this department establishes responsibilities for each member that intervenes in this process, to achieve its collection effectively. We manage a wide portfolio of Tour Operators and International travel agencies, both prepaid and with credit. Besides, we have all the tools for the processing of collections by credit cards of different brands.

Collection Center and Customer Service for Vacation Clubs

From the moment they were introduced in the U.S 20 years ago, vacation clubs have been extremely popular worldwide. It represent an excellent alternative to traditional tourism, offering planned vacations where the user invests in a timeshare property regime and, thus, enjoy a vacation year after year at a competitive price. The most important feature we offer is that they become ¨members¨, being thus co-owners with the benefit of having access to a wide network of resorts, all over the world, with highly personalized services.